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Sweet Potato & Cabbage Tacos

I made this last night and instantly fell in love with these tacos.  I can tell they are going to become a new one of my go-to meals.  They are so easy to make and involve using so few ingredients which is always a plus. 


Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich

Here is my wonderful recipe for my easy vegan egg salad sandwich.  This is such a great dupe for the real thing.  My favorite part is that it takes less than 10 minutes to make. I’ve made this for a few of my dairy loving 


Creamy Rosemary Mashed Potatoes Dairy Free Vegan

This is my recipe for my delicious and incredibly creamy mashed potatoes. This recipe is packed with so much delicious flavor and doesn’t involve using any dairy in the process. This recipe will make enough to feed the whole family or make a great portion 


Vegan Cheesy Potato Chips

Here is how I make my delicious and easy cheesy potato chip recipe.  Making these is so easy and just takes minutes.     The only ingredients I use to make this is 1.) A bag of potato ships (ruffled chips are my favorite.) 2.) 


Avocado Toast With Roasted Tomato and Pine-nuts

Here is what I did to create this flavorful healthy fat-fueled breakfast.  I love adding the right kind of fats to my diet that will help my body thrive.  The avocado and pine cuts with a bit of oil really add the perfect healthy fat 


Easy Egg-less Stuffing

Here is my recipe for my easy and egg-less vegan stuffing. I have been making this for many holidays over the years and people love it.  I have experimented a lot with this recipe to take it to where it is now. Now the special 


5 Minute Maple Glaze Doughnuts

Here is how I made myself deliciously glazed maple doughnuts in just minutes without any of the extensive labor that sometimes comes along with baking.  I will give the disclaimer that this recipe will not give you the typical cake-like texture of typical donuts but 


Vegan Gardein Meatball Sub

This is a fun and simple way to make a vegan meatball sub sandwich that is so full of flavor and such a healthy alternative to real meat. This recipe is so easy to make and so delicious to eat. It’s a great way to 

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