Need some last minute Halloween treat ideas that you can make quick and cheap? These are some fabulous vegan snacks that you and the kids will love.

Halloween food doesn’t have to be limited to candy! These 3 fun spooky treats ideas will surly have your Halloween get together or time in with the family spooktacular.

This is a great time to get creative and make some fun kids Halloween snacks that the whole family will enjoy. I’ve put together my top 3 favorite Halloween treats that are super easy, vegan, and kid-friendly, so let’s get started!


Frankenstein Rice Crispy.

We made some cute little Frankenstein crispy with the brand Good-Made rice crispy treats which are vegan and taste just like the real thing. You will never notice that these are a gelatin free replacement for the treat you loved as a kid. All you need to make these is the rice crispy treats, vegan friendly frosting, and some green and black food coloring.

To start off, we laid our rice crispy treats on a plate. Then, we mixed one bowl with frosting and green food coloring and the other with black. To pipe the frosting on we created frosting bags by taking zip-lock bags and cutting a hole in the corner. We frosted on the green body first, then the hair, and then added some cute little eyes and the stitches on his face. My kid loved this one!


Eyeball Oreo’s

This treat was so easy to make.  I couldn’t believe how many we were able to knock out in just a few minutes. The first thing we did was lay all out cookies out on a flat microwave safe plate. We then added some white frosting to all the tops of the cookies. After spreading them all, we microwaved them (for 3 seconds only!) to get all the frosting to melt and create a smooth surface. It is very crucial not to over microwave them.. That is why we did 3 seconds only. After everything was smooth we mixed some white frosting with red food coloring to create the ‘blood’ vessels. We piped them on in little zig-zags with our zip lock bags. Next, we added some candy eyeballs. We found these at Micheal’s but they can also be found in grocery stores.  The end result is AMAZING!


Tombstone ‘R.I.P’ ice cream sandwiches.

This one is by far the easiest to make and taste the most yummy. We went with some So-Delicious ice cream sandwiches for this fun treat. All we did to create the classic Tombstone shape was cut a little roundness at the tops of each corners. Last but not least, we added some white frosting lettering on top with our zip-lock bag. We were very pleases with this yummy treat.

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