February Decorating Favorites

A few days late on posting this but here are my decorating favorites for the month of February.  Check out my Instagram @junkfoodveganblog to see more!


Chocolate Strawberry Icecream Shake

This shake is delicious and looks great when you want to pump up your Instagram game.  To make this shake, blend up some vegan chocolate ice cream mixed with almond milk and strawberries with a little bit of ice.  Before adding to your cup, or in my case, a rinsed-out Starbucks cup, drizzle strawberry sauce on the sides.  Pour in your shake and top with some vegan (or non-vegan) whipped cream and some cute sprinkles because let’s face it, it’s all about the sprinkles.


Newman-o’s Heart Cookies. 

This was so fun and easy to make.  I got bored which is how most of my decorating ideas come into play, and I needed something Valentine-related to add to my Instagram.  To make these I just piped on some red frosting hearts I made out of Pillsbury frosting and food coloring.  I spread frosting onto the remaining cookies and tossed on my favorite Fancy Sprinkles.  They tasted just as sweet as they look!

Birthday Cake Waffels.

Time to get creative and whip up a birthday treat or just a regular day treat because you deserve it for surviving lockdown.  You can use my easy Bisquick banana pancake recipe that works great for waffles too.  My recipe is easy enough to make and all you need is a waffle iron to do the rest.  Now in order to transform these waffles into a special birthday treat, I topped these off with some lightly heated up frosting and some hot pink sprinkles.  Your sweet tooth will thank you for these.

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