October Decorating Favorites (Halloween Treats.)

October Decorating Favorites (Halloween Treats.)

Here are my favorite decorating ideas for October 2020.

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Marshmello Mummy

How I decorated this: 

For this tasty craft, I used large and small Dandies Marshmallows and toothpicks. 

For the head and body, I attached two large marshmallows to a toothpick. 

I added 4 toothpicks to the ‘body’ for the arms and legs. 

I slid three small marshmallows on each arm and leg. 

For the eyes, I took small vegan chocolate chips and melted the bottom on a hot place (to melt the chocolate), and stuck them on the head.  Enjoy


Black Cat Toast

For this black kitty toast:

I added black food coloring to a bowl of vegan Tofutti cream cheese for the face, and pink for the nose.  I used a piping bag to put on the whiskers, eyes, and nose.  I used another piece of toast and cut off the ends to create ears.


“Blood” Teeth Cookies

For these tasty ‘bloody’ treats:

I used cookies, small dandies marshmellows, and frosting with red food coloring.

I cut the cookies in half and used the red frosting to paist on the marshmellow teeth.  I let the frosting squish through the “teeth.”  I also aadded a little bit of black frosting inbetween the marshmellows to add “dirt.” on the theeth.

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