July decorating favorites

Here are my favorite decorating ideas for July 2020.

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Unicorn & Cloud toast

How I decorated this: 

For the stary clouds toast: I use Tofutti cream cheese for the ‘frosting’ mixed with 1 drop of blue for the pastel sky.  For the stars, I used Fancy Sprinkles in Wanderlust (Vegan).

For the unicorn toast: I used Tofutti cream cheese and added 1 drop of pink food coloring for the hair.  I used Fancy Sprinkles in  Hot Pink (Vegan) for the eyes and their Wanderlust gold for the horn.  I cut the horn and ears out of an extra piece of toast.


Heart Pancakes

Check out my vegan pancake recipe here.

How I decorated:

I used a heart shape cookie cutter to cut out the middle.  I added vegan whipped cream in the middle and all along the outside.  I then used Fancy Sprinkles in Hot Pink (Vegan) to fill the heart.  This is great for some sweetness in the morning and so fun for kids to eat.


Tye Die Rainbow Cookies

Check out my vegan cookie recipe here.

How I decorated:

I used a rainbow cookie cutter bought off amazon.  I used white Pilsbery frosting (it’s vegan.  Yay!) for the rainbow colors.  I put a scoop into 4 different bowls and added a drop of food coloring to each one.  I then microwaved the frosting for 3-4 seconds.  Enough to soften the frosting without melting it completely.  I used a spoon to ‘drizzle’ the frosting in each line of the rainbow.  I then used a knife to paste on the clouds.  before the frosting dries, I used a toothpick for the line pattern.

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